Lucia's Blog: 2021-09-26
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Wednesday, September 29, 2021


“This is the token of the covenant which I make between Me and you…I do set My bow in the clouds. 
Genesis 9:12-13

Noah and his family endured over a year of the storms that battered the ark. Although they were safely inside, they could only imagine the destruction that God poured out on the earth, destroying all of the world and its inhabitants, the world that they had spent their lives in. When finally God’s wrath was satisfied, and the family stepped into the new world, God smiled on them by placing a bow in the clouds with the promise that He would never destroy the earth again with such a flood. For thousands of years now, the rainbow has been a symbol of God’s grace and peace.

Our lovely song, “There’s A Rainbow in the Cloud,” expresses how God sets His bow in the cloud in His children’s lives.  Singing songs of praise comforts me when my heart is distressed because the songs compel me to look to God for strength and peace.  God’s children can confidently look for God’s rainbow amid life’s toils and tears.  Our Gracious God has promised His children He will hear our prayers when we cry to Him.  He will give us peace and make us smile, even in our moments of anguish (Psalm 39:12).  God’s rainbow reminds us that we lack nothing because our LORD is the Shepherd who will lead us safely into green pastures and beside the still waters.  But, we, His children, must trust Him (Psalm 23:1-2).  Since our Shepherd LORD leads us to peace and tranquility, we can live without the spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7).

God has given His children the assurance of a rainbow in the cloud when our nights are dark with worry, when they grow long and dreary, and no friend seems to be near.  The darkness of night represents loneliness (Ps. 6-6-7).  Indeed, our journey here on earth is often dreary and full of trouble because we are flesh (Job 14:1).  Yet, the rainbow reminds us that God is near to comfort us even when no friend seems near (Matt. 5:4).  

We can look for God’s rainbow amid life’s seasons: 
  1. Storm and rain.
  2. Fields of golden grain.
  3. Winter’s cold and pain.
  4. Summer’s harvest grain.  

And though our loving and merciful God gives us rain, we often think of it as a time of sadness and gloom (Jeremiah 10:13).  Winter also represents cold and pain, and it’s often thought of as a time of hardship (Song of Solomon 2:11).

Despite our seasons of life, the rainbow reminds us that there will be summer's harvest gain after the winter and the rain are gone (Acts 14:17).  

Indeed, we can look for the rainbow during our storms of life.  In the Bible, the storms often represent various trials and tribulations that God’s children experience in life (Acts 14:21-22).  However, the rainbow reminds us that there will be better days, days of joy, when life’s storms pass by (Ps. 30:5).  We must trust in God’s promises!  Since we trust in God’s promises, we look forward to being in that city fair to receive the crown of life as our reward (2 Tim. 4:6-8). 


The chorus stresses the need for God’s children to keep on pressing on, looking for the rainbow that shines in the cloud to help us run life’s race victoriously and receive our crown.  Despite life’s troubles, toils and tears, we must keep looking to heaven to see God’s rainbow in the cloud.

I hope this beautiful hymn may stir your soul the way it stirred mine.

As I journey here mid the toil and tears,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud;
He will safely lead, I must have no fear,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud.

When the way seems dark and the night grows long,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud;
When my way grows drear and no friend seems near,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud.

After storm and rain, fields of golden grain,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud;
Winter’s cold and pain, summer’s harvest gain,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud.

When the storms all pass, comes a brighter day,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud;
In that city fair there’s a crown to wear,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud.


There’s a rainbow that is shining,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud;
When life’s race is run, and the victory’s won,
There’s a rainbow in the cloud.