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Saturday, November 16, 2013


It is to be able to face difficulties and dangers boldly, and to trust in God's strength in all the circumstances of life. We need this COURAGE the most when we are facing and fighting our spiritual battles and fighting for our FAITH, I Timothy 6:12.

If we don't fight against Satan boldly, we will surely fall into temptation and let him win. We must fight with COURAGE and God's help to win and come out victorious against our enemy. But, this can ONLY be accomplished IF we obey God's commandments and are willing to submit to HIS authority. What can Satan do if we resist him with the strength of our God? Let's have the COURAGE to do what is right and fight for the LORD ! The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the RIGHTEOUS are bold as a lion Proverbs 28:1

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