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Friday, January 17, 2020


“That our daughters may be as cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a palace.”  
Psalm 144:12 

The Word of God can mold and shape us into what He wants us to be.  God expects us to apply His principles of righteousness in the raising and shaping of our childrenAs godly mothers and fathers, we are responsible for raising pure and godly daughters as well as sons successfully.   I want to focus on raising daughters who are maidens of virtue in a polluted culture.  To accomplish that, we must return to feminine maidenhood and purity.  God in all His wisdom wants us to raise our maiden daughters to shine their light as from a hilltop, a light that can penetrate the darkness all around us, and reach out to our lost and dying world (Matthew 5:14-16).  To raise maidens of virtue, we must first love God’s wisdom, which is given in His Word. That wisdom will nourish and strengthen them in every area of their life (1 Cor. 3:2; Titus 2:4-5).  Our precious daughters must be taught to love the Word of God because it protects and guides them into the beautiful picture of womanhood revealed in His Word.  We must train them to think Biblically and not according to this world!  

A mother’s primary job is to teach her daughters about chastity, purity.  We must teach them that immodesty or nakedness is shameful and sinful.  Chastity is commanded in God’s Word (Titus 2:5).  God teaches purity in word and deed.  In our modern and rotten culture, our unmarried young women are often called chicks, babes, or even hotties!  Both the young and the old! Why aren’t our young ladies, fathers, and brothers insulted? In another age, they would be grabbing their shotguns!   Have we forgotten that, according to the Word of God, our unmarried young women and men are commanded to remain pure (virgin) until they are married?  Our sons and daughters must be taught to remain physically and spiritually pure, saving themselves for their future spouses.  A father’s primary responsibility, as ordained by God, is to protect his daughters (remaining under the authority of the father until, untouched, spotless, and pure, until the moment she is delivered to her husband on their wedding day).  The same rule should apply to young men. Our sons must be taught to be pure, strong, and honorable, and to keep himself for his bride until that special day, their wedding day (Psalm 119:9).

"How can a young person stay on the path of purity?  By living according to your word."

In today’s world, many are embarrassed and ashamed of chastity (virginity).  They surely make every effort to destroy that beautiful image completely!  You have to admit they’re doing a great job when it comes to navel rings, heavy makeup, wearing tight, immoral and revealing clothing to seduce men of all ages.  A wise, godly, and holy maiden brings honor to her mother and father as she glorifies her heavenly Father.  She loves her brothers in Christ enough to protect their chastity or purity, showing concern for their spiritual welfare.  She does not walk, talk, or dress in a way that would compromise a man’s purity and, of course, hers as well.  She is aware of her need to remain pure, chaste, and faithful to her future husband.  And though it is God’s command to all men to guard their own eyes to be pure (Job 31:1), it is also true that a God-fearing and virtuous woman will make it easier for a man to remain pureShe will not cause him to stumble! 

How sad it is to see our women, young and old, behave like the women of the world rather than the daughters of the Living God!  Our men today are assaulted everywhere they look, by indecently dressed women (billboards, the front covers of magazines, department stores, grocery stores, even at church).  Women who profess godliness must start reforming their lives and those of their families and give the glory of God.  How are we to show the world a pure and spotless Bride if the Bride looks, talks, and swaggers like a trumpet?  We must be set apart!  We must be the salt of the earth!  (Matt. 5:13).  The Bride must put away and burn her wardrobe if it is similar to the attire of a harlotry. This will allow her holy Groom (Christ) to adorn her in spotless white robes of righteousness and dignity.

A godly young maiden is very careful about her demeanor, making sure she is not sensually tarnished.  She ignores the lies of our rotten culture (music, media, Hollywood, and professional marketers).  She is constantly meditating on God's timeless truths, being careful to present a picture of purity, kindness, honesty, goodness, and righteousness to a watching world.  She wants to display the goodness, righteousness, and beauty of a Holy God (Psalm 90:17).  It is her duty before God as His daughter to reflect purity in her life, for she makes a purity statement rather than a fashion statement!

May we raise godly and virtuous maidens, and may they be as a polished cornerstone in their father’s house.  May they be zealous of good works, content in their sacred calling, and joyful in their God-given task that lies before them.  May they gleam with purity, and may their faithfulness shine brightly as they serve and glorify their Lord our God all the days of their life.