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Thursday, January 2, 2020


"But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."
Matthew 6:33

A new year encourages us to think of a fresh start in doing better than last year. One of the things that we do is assess the value of our routine activities and the value of things that we have. So often, we forget what matters most for us as children of God because we are preoccupied with so much to do. Our "to-do" lists become overwhelming and exhaustive. We find ourselves in a labyrinth without a way out. Rather than piling layers onto each day, why don't we start seeking God’s Kingdom first and His righteousness? Then, start adding what is needed in our lives. Let us strip away everything that would distract us from seeking what we ought to, God and His righteousness. Satan uses technology, shopping, and entertainment to keep us busy and distracted. In a few words, everything that appeals to satisfy our fleshly appetite. Remember that if we don't stop seeking to please the appetite of the flesh, we cannot seek God first, and our lives cannot have the perfect order God has intended for us. It is time we start seeking and serving the One who matters the most!

Let us consider what seeking first God's kingdom and His righteousness really means. First, we must declutter ourselves of earthly pleasures and fill ourselves with the righteousness of God and His peace. Let us not succumb to the falsely gratifying focus on our carnal interests. They enslave us to the flesh with their earthly desires. Remember, all these things will pass away one day. Why do we seek earthly treasures and insist on keeping them, fearing that we might miss something? Why do we deceive ourselves, believing we are missing out on something great if we don't satisfy our immediate wants? Sadly, with this way of thinking, we miss out on what is more important: our God, His righteousness, and His kingdom. My plea to you is to not miss out on God and His righteousness. Strip away everything else and start seeking Him. He will help us rebuild what has been broken through His everlasting Grace. He will help us rebuild what is vital for our soul, heart, mind, and everything that must be of great importance for renewing and regenerating our souls.
  1. It is time to stop being fools and start being wise. 
  2. It is time to stop wasting away the real life that God has graciously given us to live abundantly to His glory.
  3. It is time to awaken from our slumber and arise from the dead.
  4. It is time to start walking carefully and wisely.
  5. It is time to start making the most of our time because the days are evil.
  6. It is time to start understanding God's will by reading, studying, and meditating on His Word daily.
  7.  It is time to do His will to be blessed by Him and not be put to shame.
  8. It is time to be filled with His Spirit and walk in His Spirit to stop pleasing the desires of the flesh.
  9. It is time to start letting the light of righteousness shine before a world of darkness.
  10. It is time to start being more grateful for all our heavenly Father has done for us through His Son.
  11. It is time to start honoring our marriages by husbands loving their wives just as Christ loved the church.
  12.  It is time for wives to start honoring their husbands by submitting to them as unto Christ.
  13.  It is time for children to honor their parents in the Lord.
  14. It is time for parents to stop provoking their children to anger and start admonishing and instructing them in the Lord.
  15.  It is time to start putting on the whole armor of God with its defensive and offensive weapons of warfare to stand firm against the schemes of our enemy, the devil.
  16. It is time to start praying more fervently and with perseverance for our souls and the souls of our neighbors.
  17. It is time to not lose heart in doing well, for in due time, we shall reap.
  18. It is time to do good to all men, especially our brethren.
  19. It is time to proclaim the Good News of redemption for all men to make known its boldness, simplicity, and purity.
  20. It is time to start freeing ourselves from the slavery of sin through faith in Christ. 
  21. Finally, it is time to start examining ourselves and our souls and sowing well to the Spirit, not the flesh, to reap well and not be deceived because God cannot be mocked. 
This is precisely what the kingdom of God and His righteousness is about!

We must make it our goal to start living here on earth according to His divine will. God doesn't want us to live in our self-induced exhaustion, with a "to-do" list composed mostly of fleshly desires. He wants us to seek His desires for our days here on earth. Our Creator doesn't want His children to maintain a frenzied pace of living. He knows and sees when we live like that. This makes it difficult to listen to Him and obey. Through His Grace, He provides our shelter, peace, and abundant living water, enough to sustain us while we live in this, our bodily tabernacle. He is a wise God who knows and sets up perfectly His order for us because He knows what is good for us. "Seek first the kingdom... " is not a suggestion but a command from God Almighty to have greater peace, meaning, and purpose in our paths that lead to life, not death. This is God'sprimaryn purpose for us. Thus let us purpose in our heart, soul, and mind to trust Him enough to walk His paths of righteousness, which ultimately lead to the complete decluttering of our souls, even though this may not be the most popular path.

Unfortunately, the world's yoke is heavy, and its burdens are complex and difficult. It is time to start decluttering our souls of all the unnecessary, earthly heaps of stuff we have accumulated. It is not God's! We must start trusting God. We must start taking His yoke to find rest for our souls. Remember His yoke is easy and His burden is light, Matthew 11:29"Peace I live with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful" (John 14:27).

May we put fewer earthly burdens on our shoulders that our LORD has never asked us to carry. May He show us and lead us into the path of righteousness He wants us to walk daily and find joy. May we find that peace and rest for our soul by decluttering it of all unnecessary burdens and take His yoke. May we learn from Him, for He is gentle and humble. May we diligently seek His kingdom of righteousness and trust His promises to bless us.


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