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Friday, November 1, 2013


I am enjoying my studies with my children on World History from a Biblical worldview. It is amazing how much I am being educated while I am educating my children. We are doing Ancient History from Creation to the Fall of Rome. We just started doing CREATION AND THE FIRST PEOPLE. We did some Apologetics where we discussed God's creation Vs. Evolution theory.  This last one suggests that everything we see is the result of impersonal time and chance. We discussed why God as our Creator is the major foundation of our Biblical beliefs. For example: IF God did not create everything, then He would be just a part of creation, meaning that He would be one god among many gods, and not the TRUE GOD. If GOD did not make man, then man OWES nothing to GOD, meaning gratitude, reverence, obedience and worship. IF GOD is not man's CREATOR and SUPREME JUDGE, then why did He offer us salvation through Jesus Christ? IF GOD did not create the first man Adam, whom the BIBLE calls a "type of Christ," Romans 5:14, I Corinthians 15:23, WHY is it that we have a second Adam in Jesus Christ, Romans 5:18-21.

We compared Biblical creation account with Mesopotamian creation myths. Here is a few of them: 1. In the Biblical creation account, God created everything simply by SPEAKING IT and there was life. In Mesopotamian creation myths, creation arose out of conflict; battles between the gods, and reaction to another god's action. 2. In the Biblical creation, God created thoughtfully, carefully, lovingly and well. In Mesopotamians myths, the gods created selfishly, rashly and angrily, and made mistakes. 3. In Biblical creation, God made man in HIS own image. Man was the pinnacle of God's creation. In Mesopotamian creation myths, man was created for 2 purposes: feeding and serving gods. 4. In Biblical creation, God commanded each part of creation to "be fruitful and multiply" without demanding that they perform any rituals or magic. In Mesopotamian creation myths, the gods often refused to give man what he needed unless he performed rituals and sacrifices they demanded.

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