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Friday, April 22, 2016


"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things." 
Philippians 4:8

Recently I came across some thoughts expressed by a brother in Spanish that moved me to write the following observations.  We all struggle with these issues.  With God's mercy, we can overcome all of our weaknesses. I hope you find these words helpful and encouraging.

  • It is not easy to forgive when someone has wronged us.  
  • It is not easy to move on, forget whatever grievances we have against someone, and respond with a spirit of love and kindness rather than bitterness and resentment. 
  • It is not easy to ask forgiveness with a heart of humility when we have been the ones who have wronged others, offended or sinned against them; start anew, accept counsel and accept that we have wronged them.
  • It is not easy to be kind and loving without anger, smile, and carry on when someone puts us down.  
  • It is not easy to be thoughtful and generous, keeping a good conscience.  
  • It is not easy to be modest when thriving and flourishing in everything we do.
  • It is not easy to praise others and give them credit for the good things they may do as if they were better or more worthy than we are.
  • It is not easy to discipline ourselves, rule our spirits (walk according to the Spirit), and exercise self-control so that we might not be disqualified from winning our race.
  • It is not easy to learn from our mistakes or forgive the errors of others.  
  • It is not easy to think before we speak or carefully judge what we will say before we act.
  • It is not easy to work our hardest and do our best little by little patiently when everything seems so hard and painful.
  • It is not easy to commit to the excellence of God, maintaining a high standard when there is so much darkness and lawlessness all around us.
  • It is not easy to accept the deserved blame and take full responsibility for our actions.
  • It is not easy to be optimistic and see the light at the end of the tunnel when everything seems so wrong and hopeless.
  • It is not easy to take up our cross, die to self, and follow Him in complete obedience, surrendering to His will alone.
  • It is not easy to walk in the Light as He is in the Light, following His example despite our trials, valleys of suffering, afflictions, and even pain.


So, why don't we make an effort to finish our race well and receive the crown of life and the glory promised to all those who are faithful to Him until the end?!

"To those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life."  (Romans 2:7)


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